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Electric Fires and Surrounds


Right now there are more options than ever before when considering buying an electric fire and surround.

The fireplace surround is an integral part of any front room. With a huge range of materials and styles to choose from, a fireplace surround can be the centre piece at the heart of any home. Whether your home leans towards a more traditional look or demands a contemporary style, the huge choice of different variations and designs available will ensure you can easily transform the dreariest of fires into something spectacular.

Be Modern Enrico Electric Fire

An advantage with buying an electric fire is that there are no restrictions or safety regulations when considering what you would like your fireplace to be made of. All electric fires are fitted with a 1kw-2kw electric fan as its primary heat source thus no actual naked flame is exposed. An electric fire is a perfect and practical solution when replacing an old existing gas fire. An electric fire is made to the same dimensions as a gas fire so will fit perfectly into any chimney recess.

If, there is no chimney on the property, there are still several solutions to look at. No chimney means that their will be no recess for an electric fire to fit into. This would mean having to fit the fireplace to a flat wall. By increasing the inside rebate of a surround, space can be made by pulling the back panel away from the wall creating enough of a ‘false recess’ to inset most electric fires without any unnecessary knocking out. The fireplace rebate is the distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel. Ideally the fireplace rebate should be 25mm and the back panel should be pushed as far back to the wall as possible. Essentially this only gives you a 5mm void, as the thickness of the back panel also needs to be subtracted from the total void (as it is fitted behind the surround). Hence a 25mm rebate – 20mm back-panel = 5mm void. If the rebate is made larger then adequate space can be achieved to install almost any electric fire.

Flamerite Darcy Electric Suite

This process can be seen being utilised most effectively in the design of electric fireplace suites. These are fantastic products that come as one whole unit that can go direct onto any flat wall with enough of a false recess created for most 3 sided electric fires to fit in comfortably. Dimplex and Flamerite have some great examples of electric fireplace suites in contemporary/modern or classic / traditional designs.

The beauty of this type of fireplace is the price, because the manufacturers are not constrained to just using more expensive non-combustible materials, the overall cost can be far more favourable. They are generally smaller than the average surround too, perfect for a property that whilst still demanding an attractive centrepiece, cannot afford to put in place something that would intrude too much on the space available.

If for any reason a larger rebate cannot be ascertained, due to the nature of the design of a surround for instance, then most electric fires can be supplied with a spacer which runs around the sides and the top of the back of the fire allowing it to sit flush directly onto a flat wall / back panel.

Timber Surrounds

Beaumont 54″ Oak Timber Surround

With such a wide range of designs, textures and colours available, it is no wonder that timber surrounds are still such a popular option when choosing a focal point for your room.
One of the main characteristics of wooden mantels is that they are, in general, a couple of inches taller than that of a mantel made of limestone or marble. The legs fall ether side of the fire and are met at the top by the front breast plate that, in turn, sits directly underneath the mantel.

They come in a range of timbers ranging from Walnut and dark rich mahogany to different shades of oak, to the lighter shades of pine. You can also choose between solid woods and a slightly more cost effective but still as impressive range of veneered wood surrounds, all the same choice but at a more competitive price.

There is a great opportunity to enhance your fire surround even further with a wide range of different stone, granite and marble sets to choose from. Whether you opt for a light ‘marfil beige’ marble or a cool dark black granite, you will find there is plenty of options to suit your needs.
A standard surround of this nature generally falls between 50 to 54 inches in width with a marble/granite hearth measuring 54′ inch.. Other standard sizes for hearths are the smaller 48′ and the larger 60′. Some companies will make bespoke hearths but do expect a slight price increase in some cases.

Stone/Granite/Marble Surrounds.

The Elisa White Marble Surround

A stone surround will make a real style statement in anyone’s home. A stone surround is timeless and adds real sophistication and elegance. From the clean lines of the contemporary look to the more informal character of a country traditional design, a stone surround will be the centre piece to any home.

A stone surround can be made up of several natural products such as Marble, Granite, Limestone, Rock or Slate.
The most popular choices would be Marble, Limestone surrounds. There are a fabulous array of designs and styles to accommodate your needs. Prices vary depending on what type of stone you choose. If you desire a good quality real stone surround then limestone is a perfect option at an affordable price.

Marble too has a wide variety of colours and textures to choose from. Natural marble can be a little more expensive but there are some fantastic alternatives in the form of micro and conglomerate marbles These man made marbles have all the style, quality and durability of natural marble but have the added advantage of being consistent; what you see in the show room is what you will have in the home.

When choosing a surround for an electric fire, remember that you can choose any of the materials and products offered by your fireplace showroom as most fireplaces or electric fires can be adapted to accommodate all requirements.
With both wooden and stone surrounds there is a fantastic variety of affordable designs, colours and textures to choose from, all capable of transforming an average room into something spectacular!

Make sure you let the sales team know exactly what you want by getting in touch, with their professional help and guidance coupled with so much choice and variety, you should have no problem in finding that perfect surround to suit and compliment your home.