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Back Boilers?

Got a back boiler and wonder what you can do?

Want a new fire for your back boiler?

Need the answer to these questions......then read on?


Firstly the good news is, you have some options.

Unfortunately for some years now, it has not been possible to replace the fire fronts on Baxi Bermuda back boilers or Glowworm Back Boilers.

  • The best option would be to buy a inset gas fire and replace the back boiler with a combination or conventional boiler, which would be fitted / supplied by your Local installer. Please see our link below to our inset gas fires :-



I've heard people who have had a wall hung boiler installed and are still using the fire from their back boiler how is this possible?

This is possible, as long as the back boiler has been left in situ and is still connected to the fire. If the back boiler has been removed, you are no longer able to use the fire.


In Essence the Boiler Can't be used if the fire is not on the front and the fire cant be used without the boiler on the back.