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High Efficiency Edge Style, Frameless Hole In the Wall fire


This new product from Fireplacestoreonline.com has all the benefits of the efficiency of a

glass fronted frameless fire but without the disadvantages and additional maintenance.

FireplaceStoreOnline Edge 800

The open front allows for a more realistic flame picture.

The Fire boasts a tremendous output of 4.2 KW and an unheard of efficiency of 62.4% never seen before on this type of fire.

There is a choice of a Log, Pebbles, Coals (No other fire of this type offers coals) or Driftwood on this fire and a choice of effects in the back of the fire of black, slate effect, weatherboard effect or brick effect.

This fire also has a full battery remote system as standard.

The edge style frameless fire 800mm is the only high efficiency landscape frameless edge fire that a television can be installed above as long as it is 200mm above, due to the unique convector on the top of fire that pushes the heat into the room.

The fire has 2 different types of gather hood available, one for a chimney or one to collect to a 5 Inch Liner if required.

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