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Power Flue Gas Fires


The power flue gas fire is a product designed for customers who have no chimney or pre-cast flue but wish to still install a living flame fire into there property, providing the product can be installed on an outside wall then the power flue is a perfect solution.

The power flue system itself works by a flue connecting from the rear of the fire penetrating through the wall cavity to an outside terminal, the terminal length for most products range from a minimum of 102mm to a maximum of 660mm which is sufficient for most homes with a 5inch wall cavity however flue extensions can be purchased from most of the leading power flue manufacturers if required.

The principles of the power flue system is a 220-240 volt electric fan unit which is uncased inside the outside wall terminal, this fan system when switched on creates a suction which draws away the fires emissions through the cavity wall flue system to outside whilst letting oxygen in to feed the gas draw.

Power flue Gas fires unlike their balanced flue counterpart are open fronted which means they create a realistic effect much the same as a class 1 chimney fire, they are also available in a range of finishes and styles to suit all properties and tastes, the depths of the various power flue fires vary as well depending on the fireplace or if they are to be hung on the wall much like a picture.

The general operation procedure of these products is that the fan unit must be switched on prior to the fire being light, this is usually done by a on-off button located by the fire ignition knob at the front of the product, this is a safety device which prevents the user operating the fire without the sufficient fan ventilation.

The only downsides to the power flue range compared with a balanced flue is that this particular system does require mains electricity which could be a problem for the user in the event of a power cut also with the product being open fronted in some cases, depending on the situation of the property this can cause drafts from the terminal into the customers home when the fire is not in use.

The typical power flue fire is a standard 16 inches wide by 22 inches in height this is what is called a builders opening however as previously mentioned in the article there are variations of this standard size known as landscape fires, the different fire models all tend to be 6.9 kw or under in gas input which means there is no additional room ventilation required.

The outputs of the various models can range from 2 kw up to 5 kw also operating controls can vary depending on the model of the fire they range from manual control which is made possible by a standard piezo ignition, the consumer would push the ignition in for between 5 to 10 seconds then release, at this point the pilot light will stay on and the consumer can turn the control knob in an anti-clockwise motion to vary the flame pattern from low to high, then back to the start position to turn off.

Remote control which is operated by a infra red sensor under the fire and then controlled by a hand held remote this system usually require AA batteries to operate and most handsets come with a child safety function.