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Changing the batteries in a gas fire


Firstly remove the fret / fire front / grate, so you can see under the fire.

You will then be able to see a black box under the fire, this could be one of 2 types of battery.

Firstly the lithium type of battery (See Below) :-

If you have one of the sealed cell types, unfortunately they are quite expensive to replace and can be up to £100

If you need a replacement take a look below at the link to an alternative pack:-


The second type of battery pack contains 4 or 6 AA batteries (see below). If this is the case, please replace with good quality batteries (Duracell etc), as cheap batteries may only last a matter of weeks or may not provide enough power for the fire to function.

Most modern fires are equipped with an audible indicator that lets you know when the batteries are low. If the fire is beeping continuously, this would indicate that you need to replace the batteries.