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Electric Fires

A huge range of electric fires to choose from both inset and outset.  We stock electric fires that fit into standard fireplaces, or for a more modern approach some are wall mountable, some are hole in the wall and do not require a fireplace. Most of the electric fires have an effect only setting, which uses very little electricity but still provides a warm feeling to any room, then if you need extra warmth you can always switch on the electric heater which will warm you up in no time.  Need Help Deciding? View Our Fireplace Buyers Guide Now!

Electric fires are usually easy to install as they do not require a chimney. You can also integrate it into your home without any need for construction as they can usually be put straight into an existing fireplace or hung on the wall depending on the design.

Starting up an electric fire is not as difficult when compared with traditional fires. You only need to switch it on when you need it, or switch it off when you are done, some fires even come with a remote control for the ultimate in convenience.

In addition, if you are done using it as a means of producing warmth in your home, you can set it for decorative purposes only by setting it to an “effect only” option.  The effect only option usually uses very little power when compared to having the heat on, and some use LED technology which means much lower power than a standard bulb and benefit from a much longer life than most traditional bulbs. As an added bonus, there is no need for you to worry about ventilation since no smoke substance is produced